It's true that modern muscle cars handle better than their predecessors. As each new generation Camaro has been released, its handling and braking prowess certainly outclassed the dated brother it replaced. That's not to say that GM has built anything perfect, but they have been getting very close. As technology and testing march forward, we can sit back and hope for continued progress in the near future.

To improve the performance of previous generation Camaros, we can turn to aftermarket companies like BMR Suspension to fill in the gaps GM left behind as it moved on to newer models. With a full gamut of parts available to fit all five generations of the Camaro, you are certain to locate the right parts, whether you want to run wheels-up in the quarter-mile or pull some high g's in the twisties on that secret backroad. After perusing their catalog, we felt like a kid at Christmas and checked off nearly every part on the BMR order form that fits our latest project: a '98 Camaro.

Dressed in Sport Gold Metallic, our first-year LS1 car was certainly a sight. Fully optioned as a Z28, it sat languishing away in a Southern California beach town, calling out to us for attention. As most of our loyal readers already know, we have a soft spot for these cars, so Project Goldmaro was born.

With the information we have ascertained for the '98 model year, Chevrolet built just 97 Z28 coupes in Sport Gold Metallic with the six-speed manual transmission. Being that our Z28 is a T-top car, the numbers would break down even further, but we couldn't find those numbers. To be sure, a Camaro in this color and with these options is not one you'd see on a regular basis, and the ones we have seen gave us mixed feelings about the color. But with our plans for Goldmaro to be less than subtle once it's completed, the color works for us.