From inside the car, Jason removed the brake lever pin on the brake pedal arm in order to remove the rod that’s connected to the master cylinder. Before removing the booster and master, we disconnected the front and rear brake lines.

With everything removed, it was time to start putting the new stuff together. First thing to do before installing the new brake components is to pack the bearings with a good dose of wheel bearing grease.

Before we installed the new discs, the spindle also got a good dose of grease.

With the old hardware removed, we then installed the new CPP-supplied clips and brake lines to the existing brackets.

Just loosen the four bolts where the booster connects to the firewall.

With the bearings packed, Jason then dropped the bearings into the CPP-supplied brake discs.

We purposely left the old brake calipers connected until we were ready to install the new ones. This was done to prevent unnecessary leaking of the existing fluid left in the old lines.

The new lines are pre-cut to the necessary length, so they bolted right up to the back of the new calipers.