We love the performance of LS engines, but we’re not deluded enough to think they actually look good, especially how they come packaged under the hood of the new Camaro. You see, GM is more concerned with how it works than how it looks, and the result is a mess of wires, hoses, and black plastic. But thanks to the aftermarket, there’s hope for the homely looking engine bay of our fifth-gens.

In the case of CP/28, our ’10 project car, we had a trade-off. Sure, the MagnaCharger looked killer, but installing it meant ditching the top cover, which hid the coil packs and a spaghetti bowl of wires. The ADM airbox certainly helped, but the rest of the engine bay was painfully stock looking. The solution was to call up a few companies and order up their wares. The best part is that most of the dress-up items on the market today are designed for easy installation.

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering
Eddie Motorsports
11479 Sixth Street
Rancho Cucamonga
CA  91730
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