Regardless if you’re cruising the boulevard, tearing up a road course, or scorching the quarter-mile, certain components need to be upgraded to handle the task—especially your brakes and fuel delivery system. If you want to go fast and then stop on a dime, doing your homework is essential in selecting the right parts to get the job done and then having them properly installed to squeeze out all the performance they have to offer. When undertaking the braking and fuel systems on Project Orange Krate, selecting parts with the greatest versatility was the biggest priority whereas the car would be experiencing many different situations as it will see time on both the street and track.

For brakes, we selected the Baer Extreme-Plus system that features massive 6S six-piston MonoBlock calipers paired with cross-drilled and slotted, two-piece 14-inch rotors. There’s an art to laying out your brake lines and it pays to take your time and properly design how you want to route everything before getting started.

To hold plenty of liquid performance, a brushed stainless fuel injection gas tank from Rick’s with an internal fuel pump fit the bill perfectly. Here again, it pays to take your time to design the routing of your fuel supply and return lines. We used AN-style fittings, which offer a lot of versatility in laying out the system since there are a multitude of bends available, including 45-, 90-, and 180-degrees.

We went to Aeromotive for their port fittings and hose ends, along with their Platinum Series 100-micron fuel filter. Once the fuel supply and return reached the top rear of the engine, a FAST fuel pressure regulator (PN 307030) was added.

Upon completion it’s easy to see that Orange Krate will have no problems either fueling the beast under the hood or braking repeatedly from high speeds while running full tilt on a road course. Follow along as Peter Newell of Competition Specialties, in Walpole, Massachusetts, along with team member Brian Jordan, handle the installation.

Next up is the plan to move forward with the installation of the exhaust system.

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