Back in 1997, GM introduced the LS engine, and the hot rodding community was excited at the prospect of an all-aluminum, fuel-injected small-block. And while they saw the swap potential of this new mill, they also saw what could be best described as a "homely looking" engine. The main problem was the valve cover-mounted coil packs and associated wiring. It was just a huge departure from the relatively clean look of the Gen I small- and big-block, and the black, plastic intake manifold compounded the problem. Still, the LS has become the "go-to" engine when one wants to infuse classic metal with new-school muscle. That was 16 years ago, and in that time hot rodders have gotten pretty damn creative when it comes to making this unattractive mill shine in the engine bay. Relocating coils, re-routing wires, beauty covers, and even old-school air cleaners have all been used to turn the blasé into beautiful.

We looked back at some of the LS engine bays we've shot over the years and picked out a few that might get your creative juices flowing. After all, nothing says you can't look good and go fast.