flowed so well that—with ASE’s dual-pattern cam—the best overall power and torque curve was obtained by installing 1.5:1 rockers on the exhaust side to complement the 1.6:1 rockers used to open the intake valves.

The heads are fed by a Holley 750-cfm double-pumper carb atop an Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap intake, while an MSD distributor and Champion RC12YC plugs (gapped at 0.035-inch) ignite the spark. You’re on your own for headers, but ASE recommends 13¼4-inch primaries with 3-inch collectors, which is what it used to dyno-test the prototype assembly.

Installed on its Stuska water-brake dyno, ASE ran the prototype using a deceleration test regime (pulling it in “reverse” from the top down), which Trent feels more accurately simulates