Gerry Winkler’s Super Sport

Gerry took a factory SS 396 and built it his way, putting aside the comments from the resto crowd. The ’67 swallowed up the Merlin 540ci big-block and still retains the original A/C system which Gerry says comes in quite handy on warm Summer days when he takes the Camaro out cruising. His best quarter-mile times to date are 11.80s which got him kicked off the track for not having a roll cage.

<table><tbody><tr><td> RPM    HP    Torque<br>3,500    365.4    544.1<br>3,600    367.5    536.2<br>3,700    366.2    519.8<br>3,800    368.2    508.9<br>3,900    370.5    498.9<br>4,000    373.2    490.0<br>4,100    374.6    479.9<br>4,200    375.8    470.0<br>4,300    377.0    460.4<br>4,400    378.4    451.7<br>4,500    381.1    444.8<br>4,600    384.1    438.5<br>4,700    386.9    432.4<br>4,800    389.1    425.7<br>4,900    392.1    420.3<br>5,000    392.8    412.6<br>5,100    394.1    405.8<br>5,200    393.7    397.7<br>5,300    395.1    391.5<br>5,400    395.3    384.4<br>5,500    397.0    379.1<br>5,600    395.6    371.0<br>5,700    393.7    362.7<br>5,800    390.7    353.8<br>5,900    388.3    345.7<br>6,000    384.2    336.3<br>6,100    378.4    325.8<br>6,200    374.7    317.4<br>6,300    372.1    310.2</td></tr></tbody></table>
<table><tbody><tr><td colspan="1"> Gerry Winkler’s Super Sport</td><td colspan="1"> </td></tr><tr><td> Displacement             <br>Block                           <br>Bore                               <br>Stroke         <br>Balanced        <br>Blueprinted    <br>Crankshaft       <br>Connecting Rods        <br>Pistons            <br>Compression Ratio    <br>Camshaft        <br>    Lift (int/exh)        <br>    Duration      <br>    Duration @ .050   <br>    Lobe Separation    <br>Lifters          <br>Cylinder Heads        <br> Port<br>    Material        <br>Valves        <br>    Intake size       <br>    Exhaust size          <br>Rocker Arms       <br>Springs & Retainers    <br>Intake Manifold       <br>Carburetor        <br>Air Cleaner      <br>Ignition            <br>Headers            <br>Exhaust            <br>Mufflers        <br>Machine Work        <br>Assembly        <br></td><td>540<br>Merlin<br>4.50”<br>4.25”<br>Yes<br>Yes<br>Scat Billet<br>Scat H-beam<br>Ross Racing<br>11.55:1<br>Isky 396284/294<br> 0.578”/0.608”<br> (int/exh)284/294<br>@ .050    238/248<br> 110<br>Isky Hydraulic Rollers<br>Edelbrock Rectangle Port<br> Aluminum<br>Del West Stainless<br> 2.25”<br> 2.00”        <br>Isky Rollers (int. 1.8/exh. 1.7)<br>Isky<br>Edelbrock Victor Jr.<br>Holley 1000 cfm<br>Fram<br>MSD Billet<br>Doug Thorley 3”<br>Custom dual 3”<br>Dynomax Race Magnums<br>Sammy Maloof (San Gabriel, CA) and Owner<br>Sammy Maloof (San Gabriel, CA) and Owner</td></tr></tbody></table>