In most engine build-ups you read about in magazines (including a couple in this issue) you have to read through three or four pages of how to torque a main cap and select a cam before you get the meat of the story, if at all. There’s really nothing wrong with these types of build-ups, but we’ve decided to cut to the chase. We gathered up four real-world street-driven First-Gen Camaros and threw them on the Primedia Tech Center’s chassis dyno with the help of Tech Center manager Dominic Conti just to see exactly what kind of power they were actually making.

There were some surprises and maybe a few disappointments as we found out how hard it really is to get the high-horsepower numbers magazines make sound so easy. None of these engines had been on a dyno before, and in most cases the carburetors were right out of the box. We are sure that with some time playing with ignition curves and carb jets all of them would pick up some more power.

<table><tbody><tr><td><br>RPM    HP    TORQUE<br>2,100    113.3    283.5<br>2,200    117.3    280.1<br>2,300    128.5    293.4<br>2,400    141.3    309.2<br>2,500    152.0    319.2<br>2,600    161.6    326.4<br>2,700    168.7    328.1<br>2,800    177.8    333.4<br>2,900    188.7    341.8<br>3,000    202.4    354.3<br>3,100    218.0    369.3<br>3,200    230.1    377.6<br>3,300    241.2    383.9<br>3,400    250.9    387.5<br>3,500    259.4    389.3<br>3,600    267.9    390.9<br>3,700    276.8    393.0<br>3,800    286.0    395.3<br>3,900    293.0    394.5<br><br> </td><td>    <br></td><td> PM    HP    TORQUE<br>4,000    299.1    392.7<br>4,100    306.3    392.4<br>4,200    311.6    389.7<br>4,300    315.8    385.8<br>4,400    318.1    379.7<br>4,500    317.3    370.4<br>4,600    322.6    368.3<br>4,700    327.2    365.7<br>4,800    329.8    360.9<br>4,900    337.1    361.4<br>5,000    340.1    357.3<br>5,100    338.3    348.4<br>5,200    338.3    341.7<br>5,300    332.6    329.6<br>5,400    333.8    324.6<br>5,500    340.9    325.5<br>5,600    341.2    320.0<br>5,700    345.2    318.1<br>5,800    348.4    315.5<br>5,900    339.9    302.6</td></tr></tbody></table>
<table><tbody><tr><td> Carl Casanova 406 ci</td><td> </td></tr><tr><td> Displacement        <br>Block            <br>Balanced        <br>Blueprinted        <br>Crankshaft        <br>Connecting Rods        <br>Pistons           <br>Compression Ratio    <br>Camshaft       <br>    Lift           <br>    Duration        <br>    Duration @ .050   <br>    Lobe Separation    <br>Lifters            <br>Cylinder Heads        <br>    Material        <br>Valves           <br>    Intake size        <br>    Exhaust size      <br>Rocker Arms         <br>Rollers<br>Springs & Retainers    <br>Intake Manifold       <br>Carburetor                           <br>Air Cleaner        <br>Ignition            <br>Headers           <br>Exhaust            <br>Mufflers        <br>Machine Work                      <br>Assembly        <br></td><td><br>406<br>Chevy 400 bored .030<br>Yes<br>Yes<br>Scat nodular iron<br>Scat 6” I-beam<br>SRP forged 18cc dish<br>10.3:1<br>Comp Cams XR282HR<br>0.544”/0.555” with 1.6 rockers<br> 282/288<br> 230/236<br> 110<br>Hydraulic rollers<br>GMPP Fast-Burn with bowl blended<br>Aluminum<br><br>GMPP sodium filled<br> 2.00”<br> 1.55”        <br>Comp Cams 1.6 Rollers<br>Crower<br>GMPP Vortec dual-plane<br>Holley 4160 Double-pumper 800cfm<br> K&N<br>Holley Annihilator<br> 32-degrees total @ 3,000 rpm<br>Hooker Super Comp 1 5/8”<br>Dr. Gas X-pipe 3” into muffler, 2 1/2” to tailpipes<br>Dual Flowmaster 3-chambers<br>Modern Engine         (Glendale, CA)<br>Owner</td></tr></tbody></table>

Gerry Winkler’s Super Sport

Gerry took a factory SS 396 and built it his way, putting aside the comments from the resto crowd. The ’67 swallowed up the Merlin 540ci big-block and still retains the original A/C system which Gerry says comes in quite handy on warm Summer days when he takes the Camaro out cruising. His best quarter-mile times to date are 11.80s which got him kicked off the track for not having a roll cage.

<table><tbody><tr><td> RPM    HP    Torque<br>3,500    365.4    544.1<br>3,600    367.5    536.2<br>3,700    366.2    519.8<br>3,800    368.2    508.9<br>3,900    370.5    498.9<br>4,000    373.2    490.0<br>4,100    374.6    479.9<br>4,200    375.8    470.0<br>4,300    377.0    460.4<br>4,400    378.4    451.7<br>4,500    381.1    444.8<br>4,600    384.1    438.5<br>4,700    386.9    432.4<br>4,800    389.1    425.7<br>4,900    392.1    420.3<br>5,000    392.8    412.6<br>5,100    394.1    405.8<br>5,200    393.7    397.7<br>5,300    395.1    391.5<br>5,400    395.3    384.4<br>5,500    397.0    379.1<br>5,600    395.6    371.0<br>5,700    393.7    362.7<br>5,800    390.7    353.8<br>5,900    388.3    345.7<br>6,000    384.2    336.3<br>6,100    378.4    325.8<br>6,200    374.7    317.4<br>6,300    372.1    310.2</td></tr></tbody></table>
<table><tbody><tr><td colspan="1"> Gerry Winkler’s Super Sport</td><td colspan="1"> </td></tr><tr><td> Displacement             <br>Block                           <br>Bore                               <br>Stroke         <br>Balanced        <br>Blueprinted    <br>Crankshaft       <br>Connecting Rods        <br>Pistons            <br>Compression Ratio    <br>Camshaft        <br>    Lift (int/exh)        <br>    Duration      <br>    Duration @ .050   <br>    Lobe Separation    <br>Lifters          <br>Cylinder Heads        <br> Port<br>    Material        <br>Valves        <br>    Intake size       <br>    Exhaust size          <br>Rocker Arms       <br>Springs & Retainers    <br>Intake Manifold       <br>Carburetor        <br>Air Cleaner      <br>Ignition            <br>Headers            <br>Exhaust            <br>Mufflers        <br>Machine Work        <br>Assembly        <br></td><td>540<br>Merlin<br>4.50”<br>4.25”<br>Yes<br>Yes<br>Scat Billet<br>Scat H-beam<br>Ross Racing<br>11.55:1<br>Isky 396284/294<br> 0.578”/0.608”<br> (int/exh)284/294<br>@ .050    238/248<br> 110<br>Isky Hydraulic Rollers<br>Edelbrock Rectangle Port<br> Aluminum<br>Del West Stainless<br> 2.25”<br> 2.00”        <br>Isky Rollers (int. 1.8/exh. 1.7)<br>Isky<br>Edelbrock Victor Jr.<br>Holley 1000 cfm<br>Fram<br>MSD Billet<br>Doug Thorley 3”<br>Custom dual 3”<br>Dynomax Race Magnums<br>Sammy Maloof (San Gabriel, CA) and Owner<br>Sammy Maloof (San Gabriel, CA) and Owner</td></tr></tbody></table>

Al Thomson’s ’69 Z/28

Al’s Z/28 is one of the nicest Camaros we have ever seen. Everywhere we looked, top or bottom, was detailed to perfection. When we first heard about it we thought, “Oh great, another Hugger Orange and white ’69 Z/28.” Boy were we wrong! The stance was perfect as was the wheel and tire choice. Be sure to check out the Winter 2002 issue of CAMARO PERFORMERS for a full feature.

<table><tbody><tr><td> RPM    HP    TORQUE<br>2,200    83.3    198.8<br>2,300    78.1    178.3<br>2,400    79.4    173.8<br>2,500    91.4    192.1<br>2,600    104.7    211.6<br>2,700    119.5    232.5<br>2,800    131.0    245.8<br>2,900    137.2    248.4<br>3,000    139.8    244.7<br>3,100    146.1    247.5<br>3,200    153.7    252.2<br>3,300    161.3    256.6<br>3,400    170.5    263.3<br>3,500    177.8    266.9<br>3,600    182.9    266.9<br>3,700    188.2    267.1<br>3,800    192.4    266.0<br>3,900    199.6    268.8<br>4,000    205.5    269.9<br>4,100    212.3    272.0<br>4,200    216.5    270.7<br>4,300    221.3    270.3<br>4,400    227.1    271.1<br>4,500    233.3    272.3<br>4,600    240.7    274.8<br>4,700    248.2    277.3<br>4,800    256.5    280.7<br>4,900    265.6    284.6<br>5,000    274.6    288.5<br>5,100    282.6    291.1<br>5,200    290.4    293.4<br>5,300    296.5    293.8<br>5,400    302.2    294.0<br>5,500    305.9    292.1<br>5,600    310.6    291.3<br>5,700    313.5    288.8<br>5,800    316.4    286.5<br>5,900    318.1    283.1<br>6,000    317.9    278.3<br>6,100    319.4    275.0<br>6,200    319.6    270.7<br>6,300    317.7    264.9<br>6,400    313.9    257.6<br>6,500    313.2    253.0<br>6,600    314.6    250.4<br>6,700    313.5    245.8<br>6,800    312.9    241.7</td></tr></tbody></table>
<table><tbody><tr><td> Al Thomson’s ’69 Z/28</td><td> </td></tr><tr><td> Displacement        <br>Block            <br>Blueprinted        <br>Crankshaft        <br>Connecting Rods        <br>Pistons            <br>Compression Ratio    <br>Camshaft       <br>    Lift           <br>    Duration     <br>    Duration @ .050    <br>    Lobe Separation    <br>Lifters            <br>Cylinder Heads         <br>    Material        <br>Valves            <br>    Intake size        <br>    Exhaust size             <br>Rocker Arms        <br>Springs & Retainers    <br>Intake Manifold        <br>Carburetors        <br>Air Cleaner      <br>Ignition            <br>    Timing        <br>Headers           <br>Exhaust            <br>Mufflers         <br>Machine Work       <br>Assembly       <br></td><td><br>304<br>Chevy 302 bored .030<br>Yes<br>Yes<br>Stock forged steel <br>Stock Z/28<br>TRW forged<br>11.0:1<br>Isky Z-50<br>.507<br> 300<br> 254<br> 108<br>Solid<br>World Products Sportsman IIs<br> Aluminum<br>Manley<br> 2.02”<br> 1.60”        <br>Comp Cams 1.52 stainless rollers<br>World Products<br>Chevrolet Crossram<br>Two Holley model 4295s 585cfm<br>Stock GM Crossram<br>MSD 6AL with billet distributor<br> 41-degrees total<br>Unknown make 1 3/4”x32” with 3” collector<br>TA Performance 3”<br>DynoMax oval welded Ultra Flows <br>Tim’s Percision Engines (Santa Ana, CA)<br>Owner</td></tr></tbody></table>

Donald Bigbie’s ’69 Sport Coupe

Donald built his ’69 to be more-show-than-go since he did not intend to race it. He instructed his engine builder to make a strong street engine with torque down low. The finished car turned out just as he wanted, it looks great and has plenty of power where he needs it (torque comes on strong early and stays flat). You can get a better look at it on the cover and inside the October 2002 issue of Super Chevy as well as inside the next issue of CAMARO PERFORMERS.

<table><tbody><tr><td> RPM    HP    TORQUE<br>2,000    117.8    309.4<br>2,100    149.9    374.8<br>2,200    163.1    389.4<br>2,300    173.8    396.8<br>2,400    181.6    397.4<br>2,500    189.0    397.1<br>2,600    196.8    397.5<br>2,700    203.9    396.7<br>2,800    211.1    396.0<br>2,900    218.3    395.4<br>3,000    226.4    396.4<br>3,100    234.3    396.9<br>3,200    239.3    392.7<br>3,300    246.4    392.1<br>3,400    250.8    387.5<br>3,500    253.1    379.7<br>3,600    253.0    369.2<br>3,700    256.1    363.6<br>3,800    265.5    367.0<br>3,900    267.7    360.5<br>4,000    277.1    363.8<br>4,100    281.9    361.1<br>4,200    281.7    352.3<br>4,300    290.8    355.2<br>4,400    294.7    351.8<br>4,500    298.6    348.5<br>4,600    298.0    340.2<br>4,700    297.3    332.2<br>4,800    302.6    331.1<br>4,900    302.9    324.7<br>5,000    300.3    315.4<br>5,100    303.9    313.0<br>5,200    305.6    308.6<br>5,300    302.0    299.3<br>5,400    311.3    302.8<br>5,500    307.2    293.3<br>5,600    303.6    284.8<br>5,700    303.0    279.2<br>5,800    298.9    270.7<br>5,900    292.8    260.7<br>6,000    288.4    252.5<br>6,100    286.9    247.1<br>6,200    285.0    241.5<br>6,300    277.8    231.6<br>6,400    270.6    222.0<br>6,500    270.2    218.3</td></tr></tbody></table>
<table><tbody><tr><td> Donald Bigbie’s ’69 Sport Coupe</td><td> </td></tr><tr><td> Displacement        <br>Block          <br>Balanced        <br>Blueprinted      <br>Crankshaft        <br>Connecting Rods        <br>Pistons           c<br>Compression Ratio    <br>Camshaft        <br>    Lift (in./exh.)        <br>    Duration        <br>    Duration @ .050  <br>    Lobe Separation    <br>Lifters            <br>Cylinder Heads        <br>    Material        <br>Valves            <br>    Intake size        <br>    Exhaust size             <br>Rocker Arms        <br>Springs & Retainers   <br>Intake Manifold        <br>Carburetor        <br>Air Cleaner        <br>Ignition            <br>    Timing        <br>Headers            <br>Exhaust            <br>Mufflers       <br>Machine Work        <br>Assembly        <br></td><td>406<br>’73 Chevy 400 bored .030<br>Yes<br>Yes<br>Scat nodular iron<br>Scat 6” I-beam<br>Keith Black Hypereutectic<br>10.5:1<br>Comp Cams Xtreme Energy XE274H<br> 0.487”/0.490” with 1.5 rockers<br> 274/286<br>230/236<br> 110<br>Hydraulic<br>Airflow Research 195cc<br>Aluminum<br>Airflow Research<br>2.02”<br> 1.60”        <br>Harland Sharp 1.5 rollers<br>Airflow Research<br>Edelbrock Air Gap RPM<br>Demon Speed Demon 750 cfm mechanical<br> K&N<br>MSD 6AL<br>34-degrees total @ 3,000rpm<br>Hooker Super Comp 1 5/8”<br>Flowmaster 2 1/2” to tailpipes<br>Dual Flowmaster 2-chamber Delta Flows<br>Sherman Taylor Motorsports (Upland, CA)<br>Sherman Taylor Motorsports (Upland, CA)</td></tr></tbody></table>
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