We all love the open header sound of a worked-over V-8, but let's be honest, after a while it starts to wear you down. Besides, unless you want to get to know all your local police officers, you're going to need some sort of exhaust system on your Camaro. The real trick is to find a system that tames the noise while still keeping an aggressive sound we all love.

We've been bolting together a nice budget-minded 1967 RS, and it was time to quiet down the new 450hp 383 stroker. After looking around, we opted to try Dynatech's MuscleMaxx system. We liked the heavy-gauge stainless construction, and the price point seemed to fall where an "average Joe" could afford it. It's a bolt-in deal, but our problem is that we have a Heidts four-link out back—not the leaf springs this and just about every other classic Camaro exhaust system was designed around. Our solution was to roll the Camaro over to our local exhaust guru, Lee Watts, at The Muffler Man in Placentia, California. He took a look and figured out a way to route the Dynatech system around our rear suspension in a way that would look good and sound great.

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