When you’re familiar with the playing field, making horsepower is an easy game. A fresh engine, the right gearing, and a beefy transmission should be all you need. But for some reason your prized F-body isn’t delivering that neck-snapping bottom-end torque or consistent pulling through the rpm range you had expected.

You’ve gone through a mental inventory of all the bolted on performance goodies, and everything checks out. But still something just doesn’t seem right. The last thing on your mind is an exhaust obstruction.

With the pipe showing no signs of denting on the exterior, everything is cool with the flow, right? Wrong.

Over time, heat can eventually cause the internal wall of the exhaust pipe to collapse; creating an obstruction that is undetectable from an external inspection. The aged tubing is now reduced to less than 1-inch total diameter — a major factor that is sure to hinder proper exhaust flow. It’s difficult to detect, and a common mistake is to assume the problem stems from the muffler itself. So if your hot rod isn’t performing so…hot, it may be time to swap out that crusty old pipe for some fresh tubing.

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