We all love a super-sanitary engine bay where all the clutter has been relocated, covered, or otherwise hidden. Until recently, the options regarding the wiper motor were to either live with the bulky, unsightly motor stuck to the firewall or forego running wipers altogether. Unfortunately, running without windshield wipers can cause you to run afoul of the law.

The Raingear Wiper System from Pacific Western Design lets you have your proverbial cake and dine on it as well. It locates the wiper motor in the unused—and more importantly, the unseen—void of the cowl area. In this location you get all the functionality of wipers and a super-clean, clutter-free firewall.

The kit runs $455 with the standard two-speed motor and $500 if you want the version that has intermittent and delay functions. This is a complete system that comes with the motor, wiper transmission, and wiring. In fact, the only parts not included in the wiper system are the arms and blades. They also offer a washer kit for an additional $65.

To try out the system, we grabbed our 1967 RS and few hand tools. We recently did a makeover of the engine bay, and the old wiper motor was dragging things down. The total install took under four hours, and we found the Raingear system easy to install and very well thought out. Of course it might be some time before we get a chance to test it out here in California.