With the LED installation completed, we added the taillight gaskets and new Marquez Design taillights into place. Since Project Orange Krate will later sport a pair of unique backup lights in the roll pan, we opted to install two brake lenses on each side (Marquez offers a reverse-taillight option).

Is this killer or what? With the Marquez taillights and housings in place, the back of the car has taken on a whole new personality.

But we’re not done yet. Using a pair of side-cutters, Peter removed the original taillight socket from the wiring harness.

With the supplied moisture-resistant pigtail connector, there was no need to strip the wires. Based on the installation instructions, Pete just fed them into the connector base and clamped them together using a set of pliers.

Even with the lights off, the Marquez Design taillights look stellar. They bring a cleaner, more race-inspired attitude to the back of the car.

Now that’s a bright set of brake lights! The combination of Marquez taillights matched up with Dakota Digital’s LED lighting system is definitely a winning combination in our eyes! Even Rupp will see these far off in the distance from the confines of Project Track Rat.

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