At Camaro Performers we tend to focus on performance, but let’s face it, looks matter as well. Even the typical track fiend wants their ride to look nice. So long as the aesthetic doesn’t negate the ability to hit the road or track, we’re all for a good-looking Camaro. A perfect example of this is the front real estate of a ’69 Camaro. In its standard, headlight-exposed form, it’s perfectly functional. But nobody can, at least not seriously, argue that the Rally Sport (RS) option doesn't blow it away in the looks department. The main problem is that far more standard Camaros were built compared to those with the RS option.

Sure, it’s possible to convert from standard to RS, but until fairly recently it meant hunting for all the parts, dinking with vacuum-actuated doors, and modifying fenders. Enter the RS conversion kit from the folks over at Camaro Central. They supply almost everything you need to install hidden headlights into your plain-Jane Camaro. Best of all, they replaced the problematic vacuum system in favor of far more reliable electric motors.