Over decades, the firewalls of our classic Camaros have taken a lot of abuse. Aside from residing in a hostile environment, they were often riddled with holes as various owners mounted everything from wire looms to ignition boxes. And just like the rest of the car, they were subject to blunt force trauma and rust. But it’s 2013, and every part of the Camaro, including the firewall, is available in reproduction form, so it’s easier than ever to replace the panel rather than try to make numerous small repairs.

At first glance, replacing a firewall may seem pretty daunting, but in reality it’s much easier than grafting on a new quarter-panel or roof. Many times, it involves drilling close to a hundred spot welds and then carefully coaxing the panel away from the rest of the car. To see what’s involved in the process, we dropped by Hot Rods By Dean in Phoenix to see them work over the firewall of a 1968 that’s in the process of being fully restored.

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