After about an hour we started welding the perimeter of the new firewall. This further secured the panel to the car and gave us a nice edge to work with in the bodywork stage.

With a bead this pretty it’s almost a shame to grind it down. We also welded up the hack job that one of the previous owners did to the cowl when installing the aftermarket air conditioning.

Here you can see the shape of the panel we used to mate the new firewall to the factory transmission tunnel. We welded the panel in place, then body-worked it until the transition looked seamless.

Jon Peters then broke out the Sata gun and laid down three coats of Kustom Shop’s DTM primer/sealer (PN KEP505-GL, $73.95). It’s formulated for bare metal and will give us a good base to work with when we prep it for paint.

After welding, it was time to break out the grinder and go to town. Once done it will look like the Camaro came this way from the factory.

The finished firewall required almost zero bodywork to get ready for primer. The edges were massaged and holes from the Cleko fasteners were smoothed over as well with some U-Pol lightweight filler.

Mark this project as done. If you compare this to the before shot, the transformation from bumpy Swiss cheese is astonishing. When we start bolting on parts, we will cut the necessary holes for the various accessories. We will also seam-seal any gaps between the new and old firewalls from the inside of the car and lay down a few sheets of sound deadener. Total time for the project was about 15 hours with cost in materials well under two hundred bucks.

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