With the skyrocketing prices of first-gen Camaros, second-gens have started to become the “go to” platform for those wanting to get their classic Camaro groove on. This spike in popularity hasn’t gone unnoticed by the aftermarket either, as they’ve been busy engineering all sorts of products for the second-gen crowd.

This is especially true in terms of suspension systems. At one time, second-gen owners were forced to make do while the first-gen owners were given all the R&D resources. But now, second-gen owners don’t have to settle. A great example of this is Heidts’ new bolt-in four-link kit. Yep, you read it right; all the tuning benefits of a modern four-link system without the hassles of cutting and welding—just a slew of wrenches, a drill, and a few bits are all you’ll need to get this system up and under your second-gen Camaro.

We headed over to D & Z Customs in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, to get the kit installed into a 1971 Camaro.