With the recent debut of GM's most celebrated hot rod: the COPO Camaro, it was only a matter of time before the factory-built drag car would become a star within the Stock Eliminator ranks on drag racing's biggest stage: NHRA's Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals. And with the 2012- 13 COPOs becoming a dominant straight-line player, Camaro enthusiasts once again have something to cheer about, especially in the new, highly competitive Factory Stock Showdown class.

The late-model muscle cars put on an amazing wheels-up show reminiscent of the Pro Stockers' heyday in the 1970s when the class' 8-second runs were decidedly more entertaining than today's 6.5 seconds of "boring glory."

The latest production marvels of the Factory Stock class (Mustangs and Challengers, too) took on the famed Indy quarter-mile early on in the "The Big Go's" four-day event for their chance to go rounds during the NHRA's biggest race of the year.

With the late-model drag wars between Chevy, Mopar, and Ford heating up once more, getting to the drags early and catching the excitement of the "undercard" racers is more exciting than ever for fans and racers, alike.

Could the modern muscle car era bring back the old adage of "win on Sunday, sell on Monday?" One can only hope. There's a good chance three highly invested companies are betting on it as well.