Saturday's indoor concourse at Gateway Center featured 51 of the finest Yenko, Berger, Harrell-Gibb, Motion Performance, ZL1 and COPO cars ever to gather in the name of horsepower. Walking inside the door found Ken Barnhart's '69 Camaro ZL1 and Kim Howie's '70 Fred Gibb Camaro Pro Stock on the right, with Tony Lucas' Olympic Gold '69 Yenko/SC 427 Camaro demonstrator-one of two Olympic Gold demonstrator supercars Yenko built that year-and his stripeless Daytona Yellow, Jack Douglass Yenko on the left. Other Camaro standouts included Joe Swezey's '69 Dick Harrell 427 Camaro, and "YS-706," the newly completed Supercar Workshop-restoration of David Boland's Royal Plum '67 Harrell-Yenko Super Camaro 450.

It's one of the lowest production numbered '67 Yenko Camaros on record. Also on hand were Tony Lucas' pair of '69 Berger COPOs, with the Fathom Green RS 427 version actually being owned by Berger Chevrolet CEO Dale Berger. Gateway Camaro Club member Keith Shockley was also there with his Ralley Green '69 Yenko 427, as well as Mark Hassett, Jr's aforementioned '68 Motion 427 Camaro. A one-owner Marina Blue, '69 Yenko 427 owned since new by Jerry and Pam Albert and Gary Crawford was also present. The list goes on!

Of course, Nickey Chicago put on a very nice display with their Stage I, Stage II, and Stage III Camaros. Another interesting display at the event was the Supercar Workshop's fully restored DANA Chevrolet 427 Camaro front subframe-a visual testimony to the LaTrobe, Pennsylvania, restoration shop's incredible attention to detail.

Unfortunately, the Gateway Camaro Club's annual "Show & Shine" outdoor parking lot companion event was rained out. Better luck next year guys.

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