Max Braking g’s on the road course .86

Max acceleration g’s on the road course .96

Top speed, 119.48 mph

Low speed, 32 mph

Red Devil Track Report

By Mark Stielow

I arrived at the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational with a bull’s-eye on my back as there were a lot of people gunning for me. I had a great week at SEMA, but this is the event I came for. I was not happy how we did with Charley Lillard’s ’69 Camaro (Jackass) last year, so I set my plan in motion to do better in 2010.

After driving from Las Vegas to Pahrump for the road rally portion of the OUSCI, it was time to head to Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch. At this event it all comes down to one day at the track after a year of preparation and practice. Three laps on the road course, three laps of Auto-X, three passes of Speed Stop, and a car show. No redo’s. One shot, or wait until 2011.

I got through tech and parked my car over by my buddies, Kyle and Stacy Tucker’s rig at DSE. I double checked a few things and set my tire pressures. I lined up and ran my five practice laps nose to tail with 52 of my competitors. I got a few refresher laps at 60 mph and a chance to see the line.

After patiently waiting in line, it was my turn to get a real crack at the track. I was visualizing the run in my head trying to sort out my gear changes and breaking points. As I was doing this, the TV crew wanted to interview me. That always kind of freaks me out. When I got done with my Q and A I was ready to go. My way of attacking the track at shootouts is to set the out lap on kill. This is really important since the Goodyear Gen II tires need heat to stick. As I went into turn 8 the ABS was working well. I banged through turn 10 onto the front straight ripping up to 3rd down the straight and deep into turn one. I hit the brakes and trail-braked into turn 1 and locked up the right hand front tire. Crap, the ABS faulted out. No panic, I eased off the brakes a bit and unwound the wheel to open up the turn. I knew then my ABS brake system had faulted out so I needed to back off the brake points a bit. Not an issue. In testing, I set the car up to work with no ABS, I have 762 hp on tap, so back to throttle!

I ran three far-from-perfect laps but was happy with the number I was putting down. The car hitting about 140 mph down the last straight I was moving. When the checkered flag came out I was a bit bummed because I knew with a few more laps I could do better.