October. School is back in session and everyone is gearing up to pile on the pounds and a little debt during the holiday season. But, it's also that magical time of year when the baddest LS-powered cars from around the country converge on Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis for the Chevrolet Performance LSX Shootout. Now in its sixth year, this has become the must-attend event for LS-equipped cars. Additionally, this race incorporates NMCA's FueLab World Street Finals, open to anyone with an itch to toss their ride down the 1320.

But, this was more than just a race. There was a huge vendor midway selling everything from tools to complete engines. For those looking to score a killer deal there was a swap meet, and for eye candy—a car show. Add in a burnout contest along with exhibition jet cars and the net result is a good time no matter what you're into.

Make no mistake though; this is first and foremost all about drag racing. For LS fans, there were a ton of classes including All Motor, Drag Radial, Real Street, Rumble (index), and True Street. For new-Camaro fans there was the 5th-gen Challenge and a 5th-gen Shootout sponsored by our sister publication GM High-Tech Performance magazine. Adding even more fun and prize money to the mix was the Fastest LSX Challenge, where racers battled to be named the fastest in the land for their various categories. In terms of prize money, this year's event had over $50,000 up for grabs!

01. The Hawk Performance Open Comp category had a ton of racers in it. Tim Swisher of Ashley, Ohio, made it all the way to the finals where he ran a 10.734 at 126.33. Unfortunately for Tim, David Hearn ran just a bit quicker.

02. David Hearn's run of 10.617 at 124.76 mph was just enough to give him the Open Comp win and a nice chunk of prize money in his sweet '69 Camaro.

03. In the final round of the LSX All-Motor Shootout, Judson Massingill of the School of Automotive Machinists ran an 8.262 at 167.66 for the win. Looks like he gets to keep the Number 1 plastered on the glass for bit longer!

04. In the LSX All-Motor division, Greg Delaney put up a good fight before falling to Massingill in the final round. His last run of 8.620 at 130.77 was certainly fun to watch.

05. Between the LS and non-LS cars, the True Street competition was packed with over 80 racers. After the obligatory 30-mile drive, the cars were lined up in preparation for their three back-to-back hot laps.

06. The Chevrolet Performance Parts crate engines in the Scoggin Dickey Parts Center display booth got us droolin', especially the carbureted LSX 454R. We really dug the new coil pack relocation kit mounted to the valve covers.

07. The LSX Rumble class is always competitive, and after many rounds of racing, Nicholas Massengale, in his '01 Camaro, came out on top. In the final round he ran a 12.131 at 113.87 mph against his 12-second dial-in.

08. One group we thought was pretty cool was the E85 class. Like the sign says, all the cars in this class run E85 fuel in the tank, which does offer an extra challenge. The top spot was taken by Clarence Harding in his '00 corn-fed Camaro with a final round run of 8.907 at 139.89 mph.

09. For those who chose not to race, there was a huge car show on Saturday. As you would expect, Camaros were well represented.

10. In the competition for fastest fifth-gen, Louie Filippides took home the big trophy with a final run of 8.836 at 155.87 mph. His trap speed was actually slower than the mph of 159.23 turned in by Jon Ebert in the other lane, but Jon's e.t. of 8.971 kept him out of the winner's circle.

11. In the LSX 5th-Gen Shootout, Joshua Perrymon's run of 13.863 at 104.52 was enough for the big win. The nice part of bracket racing is that you don't need a super-fast car to win, just a very consistent one.

12. The burnout contest showed that all Camaros are really hybrids since they burn both gas and rubber.

13. Robin White grabs some air in his '01 Camaro. His final run of 10.188 at 133.28 mph was enough to secure the runner-up spot in the LSX Rumble category.

14. Despite cold temps and scattered rain, the attendance on Saturday was pretty heavy.

15. Ray Litz took the "World's Fastest Fourth-gen" honors with a blast of 7.531 at 190.94 mph in his '98 Camaro.

16. Lots of vendors were on hand to pitch their wares. QA1 was showing off their new fifth-gen coilover struts, and they looked pretty darn cool. They also had their third-gen caster/camber plates on display.