Though the interior isn't sumptuous, it is pinpoint neat, functional, and completely accommodating for the long or short haul-we're talking proper ergonomics. Black usually accompanies yellow and there's plenty of it here. ACC carpeting defines the field and accumulates Recaro Sports seats in leather and Artista cloth. Facing front, Charley lightly grips a MOMO Tuner steering wheel and quickly evaluates the motor's disposition from Stewart-Warner gauges set in flat DSE panel, just to the left of the latest Vintage Air HVAC controls.

Charley scopes the recent past from an inside rearview mirror, featuring interior lights as well as a compass and depresses Solstice pedal pads annealed to the stock levers. Though there's enough torque on tap to totter smartly around in Fifth gear, Charley's always ready for some flash with his hand ready to flick the D&D shifter one way or the other.

So if you're looking to tatter somebody's shorts and you spot Charley in the mood for a little jive, remember that you might get your ass jacked.