The KD crew straightened and filled the body, narrowed the front and rear pans, removed the braces and smoothed the underside of the ZL2 hood; shaved the rearview mirrors, the side marker lights, door locks and handles, and applied the House of Kolor Silver urethane. While that was being completed, Advanced Plating in Nashville, nickel-plated and brushed the shortened bumpers as well as the rest of the trim. The renowned Bob Thrash jetted in to immortalize the sides of the hood scoop with a "7.4 liter" and fade-out COPO 9560 graphics.

Epilogue: "Not long after the ZL1 was finished, I was high-ballin' down that same stretch of 50 and spied a scuzzy group by the side of road enjoying a fresh corpse with gusto. Red mist doesn't describe the frenzy. As I slowed, one of the cleaners suddenly stood a head above the rest. It was the harbinger, I'm sure. He winked at me and cawed. No words were spoken. I haven't used that road since."