Nothing was overlooked in the name of speed and safety. This theme continues into the cabin. Ron at Clocksoff Racing made sure this car was safe in the case of incident by installing a custom rollcage. Jim from Premiere Upholstery completely stripped the Corbeau A4 buckets and recreated the stock Camaro look, right down to the Camaro logo on the seat back. A pair of RJS five-point harnesses keeps everyone in their places during Tom's spirited driving episodes.

With the help of buddies, Mike Bighley and Todd from Tracktime Motorsports, and three long, arduous years, the car was finally completed with a bright coating of red paint complemented with a pair of black rally stripes gracing the top of the 2-inch steel cowl hood. The stance comes from a compilation of 21/4-inch Eibach lowering springs on all four corners with adjustable KYB AGX shocks.

As fate would have it, Tom followed in his father's footsteps and became a pilot. Pilots are a rare breed of humans who crave a combination of speed, adrenaline, and aviator-style sunglasses. They do hundreds of preflight checks, and on this Camaro's checklist it looks like every box was checked and double-checked. Stance, looks, performance, and the plain old cool factor, combine to make a solid, all-around amazing car.

Tom's father is not around to see what became of his Camaro, yet a little voice in the back of our collective gearhead skulls tells us that he'd be proud.

At ease, soldier.