Atop the block is a FAST intake manifold, which has been port-matched by Chuck Graham and fitted with a 90mm Nick Williams throttle body. Fuel delivery starts with a Walbro pump, which feeds the 42-pound injectors, while ignition is handled by the stock coil packs. Outgoing air flows through a set of Kooks 17/8-inch headers and 4-inch exhaust before it enters the Dynomax mufflers.

Once the engine was ready to fire, Jonathan took the car to Scott Bowen at In Tune Motorsports for dyno tuning, where it put down 503 hp and 492 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels. Jonathan's dyno pulls were on the motor alone, but his not-so-secret weapon is a Nitrous Express dual-nozzle fogger system. It's built for a 300hp shot, but Jonathan generally runs a 250hp shot, so there's no doubt his mill makes over 800 hp at the flywheel.

With that kind of power, most folks would build a bulletproof automatic transmission, but Jonathan enjoys the challenge of a manual. He actually converted the car to an automatic, but switched back to the six-speed not long afterward. The current transmission is a Six Speeds Incorporated Stage 3 model, and power application is controlled by a Textralia twin-disc clutch.

Visually, Jonathan's Camaro is impressive, simply because of its cleanliness and aggressive stance. The bright red paint is in great shape, even as it approaches the ten-year mark, and the blacked-out taillight panel is the only modification so far. Inside, Jonathan kept it simple, only adding a few gauges and an Auto Meter tach to keep him in the know. The stock Ebony leather is still in great shape, and Jonathan added a really cool armrest for the backseat passenger-even if it is only a nitrous bottle.

Jonathan is having a blast driving his Camaro on the street, but if he chooses to make a few more changes, the car will be ready for the track. It doesn't have a roll cage or safety harnesses, aside from the factory equipment, so a half-throttle pass would get him run off from even the most lenient of drag strips. Jonathan says a cage and harnesses are the next modifications on the list.

This car will belong to Jonathan's son, Brett, in another decade or so, but we're sure it'll have a new combination by then. If Brett is anything like his father, he won't be afraid to squeeze off a 300-shot while shifting gears and fighting the wheel. For now, Jonathan will remain the primary driver, and have a little fun while the kids are young.