Aero Force
•Some aftermarket hot rod companies are run by stuffed suits just out to make a buck, while others are run by gearheads just like us. A perfect example of this is Spectre Performance. Sure, they're a business that sells cool hot rod widgets at a profit, but if you've ever seen their stable of badass cars then you'll get the impression that the business part is secondary to their love all things automotive. Of course, like any good collection of fast cars, they have more than a few Camaros. One is this second-gen Camaro currently getting some fabrication work over at Fast Eddie's in Orange, California.

The Gen I small-block was ditched in favor of an LS1 engine backed up by a T56 Tremec and Hotchkis suspension parts, which will give it the handling prowess to back up its aggressive looks. Sheetmetal front and rear spoilers will help keep the Camaro firmly stuck to the asphalt, while new Bear brakes will help slow it down when needed. Once all the fab work is done, the Spectre crew will bathe the F-body in fresh coat of sinister black paint. Look for this ride at driving events in the near future and visit to check out the other cool cars they are wrenching on.