There are two ways to build a super reliable Camaro that can withstand hard abuse. The first way is to just start driving the hell out of it and replace the weak links as they snap, fail, and let go. While this method works, typically, it can leave you stranded and paying out stacks of cash to tow companies. The other way is to learn from others and replace the known weaker parts before they become a problem.

In the case of our ’01 Z28 project car dubbed Black Betty, we knew that the GM 10-bolt rearend was a weak spot in the equation. We were making well over 360 rear-wheel horsepower and felt the 10-bolt was one hard hookup away from failing. We also knew that we’d be adding even more power to the car later on, so the decision was made to just do it right and be done with it.

Given the fourth-gen Camaro’s propensity for trashing rearends, there are good aftermarket solutions available. One such answer comes from Moser Engineering in the form of their bolt-in 12-bolt system. Their rearend assemblies are obviously stronger than what GM stuffed under the Camaro at the factory but more importantly, they are able to provide a part that has all the requisite brackets installed and is compatible with modern amenities like anti-lock brakes.

Now if our Camaro was stock in terms of suspension, then the installation would have been pretty much a bolt-in deal. But, this wasn’t the case. Because of the modifications done to help the Camaro’s rear suspension geometry, we needed to weld on a few extra brackets and supports, so we enlisted the help of the gearheads over at Global West Suspension to get the new12-bolt installed and ready to rock the autocross and dragstrip.

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